Meet the Trainee: Nadav Ozer


1. Why did you apply for the ISS Management Trainee Programme?

My first job at the company was as a sales manager in the cleaning division. In my opinion, the most interesting part of the sales process is the relationship with the client. Therefore, I wanted to take this knowledge and develop the capabilities in the field of customer management. From the first day on the job, I have been very attached to the values and the vision of ISS. I have certainly seen and still see, the opportunity given to me as a milestone for my career in ISS and in general.

2. What did you do prior to ISS?

I have worked as a security project manager in several countries (Mexico & Philippines).
My main responsibilities have been:
1. Development of the instruction and teaching process.
2. Composing and introducing new procedures.

3. What is a typical day like at ISS?

In my previous role as a sales manager I could define a routine day. These days, while I’m part of the trainee programme, each day seems different and consists of interactions with different elements and different fields.

4. What challenges are you facing in your day-to-day job?

One very interesting and challenging fact is that each day consists of different content. For example, one day you can be in important business meetings with the company’s executives discussing strategic decisions of the company and the day after you can find yourself doing simple operational tasks.

5. What was the biggest surprise when you started at ISS?

I was very surprised to find employees who love their job so much that they really feel that ISS is a part of their family.

6. How would you describe the ISS culture?

In one sentence: It is not only an international company, it is an international family.

7. What is your best career advice for young aspirants that are about to start their careers?

The word ‘career’ starches as a journey of an employee timeline in the job market. In my opinion, they should be focused and look for roles & programs that can promote their set of goals for the next 5 years.

8. If you had to pack a backpack, what items couldn’t you live without and how would you say that your bag items reflect you?

With time, I began to realize that material objects are less important. My opinion is that no matter what you forgot to pack, you can replace it quite easily, no matter where you are heading to. What really matters is to pack a positive and optimistic attitude.
Still, if I had to pick objects I would pick a pencil and a notebook. Whenever I find myself a bit confused and unfocused I make a small list and feel much more targeted.

9. Out of all the items in your bag, which one do you cherish the most and why – perhaps there is an anecdote connected to this item?

I’ll pick the pencil. “The shortest pencil is better than the longest memory”. Only that you lack it, you realize how important and necessary it is. Even without a notebook you will always find something to write on.

10. Using one word, what is your biggest strength?



Name: Nadav Ozer

Country: Israel

Year of Enrollment: 2016